Cours d'anglais à Vancouver

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Join Our Classes / Tutoring Sessions in Beautiful Downtown Vancouver!

Located in the heart of Yaletown in Vancouver, Canada, Valeton Education Centre provides academic services for middle school, high school, college / university and adult education students. Our expertise comes from collectively teaching and tutoring English, French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) Languages, as well as Humanities, Science, Economics, Business and Hospitality Management related subject matters for more than 15 years.

Our centre offers:
• State-of-the-art academic programs
• Both one-to-one and online tutoring sessions
• Training workshops for entrepreneurs and small & medium-sized business owners

Why Would You Choose Valeton Education Centre?
• Fast progression and improvement
• Flexible choices of courses
• Courses built around their individual needs
• Emphasis on teaching applicable and useful subjects
• Focus on communication
• Dynamic classes and teachers
• Small class sizes (max. 10 students)
• Excellent location
• International Environment

Why Would You Choose Vancouver, BC, Canada as a place to study?
• Vancouver has been rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. USA Today considers it a “supermodel of North American cities”.
• English-speaking tourist-friendly city, where you can communicate and make friends from all over the world.
• Lots of cultural events, activities and fun. Yaletown, in particular, including Mainland Street, where Valeton is located, is filled with sidewalk cafes, trendy restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and intimate boutique hotels.

129 – 1020 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC V6B 2T4, Canada

Tel.: (604) 626-2950

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Vancouver, BC ☎ : +1 604-626-2950

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Cours d'anglais à Vancouver

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